Leaders In Training and Rebalance

Heal and Belong before you can Hear and Thrive

We have become keenly aware of two things--1.  Our approach to accepting every kid right where they are in life has gathered an enormous group of kids who have suffered trauma and we needed training to responsibly address that. 2.  We also became keenly aware of how the combination of training we sought is transformational to all kids (even the kid whose life seems completely together and they still come here to find a place to belong and a community to be part of). Therefore, we have gathered an incredible team to continue developing a program that both stands on its own as well as is capable of seeping into the current programs we have--both approaches having incredible impact and value.  We are calling these programs LIT (Leaders in Training) and Rebalance.  Rebalance will be soley foced on activities while skateboarding.  

This program helps kids heal from many issues which is a MUST. Every kid needs to heal and belong before they can hear and thrive.

For quesitons or more information email Zac Valdez or call (970) 353-1231