Renovate is a program developed to train youth in job skills, work ethic, and spiritual development – all while serving the community by flipping a house to help those in need.  

We, as an organization, obtain a house in need of refurbishing.  Then, we recruit students to help us flip the house (and give them a job during the summer if they are in need of one).  Through teaching them basic construction skills, we guide them in developing crucial workplace skills in today’s working world.  We utilize RoundTables to focus on work ethic, taking character traits and discussing them as a group to produce intrinsic motivation and growth in each area.  During our time on the worksite, each of our staff strives to have a deep, God-oriented conversation with the youth to grow their spiritual development and discipleship as a follower of Jesus.  

The coolest part? At the end of each project, we’re able to sell the refurbished home to partially fund our ongoing efforts to reach more youth in this area.  We piloted this program this year, and are prepared to make this an ongoing program for our youth – to teach job skills and provide mentoring along the way.  

To donate or learn more about this program, email Jeff Neel or call (970) 353-1231.



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