Jeff is the Executive Director of NCYFC. He has been working with NCYFC since 2001 and has found his passion here. He has much to learn, but he has learned much on the way. He became keenly aware that kids need to Heal & Belong before they can Hear & Believe. Many kids have hurts by religion in the past or from adults they were supposed to be able to trust. This has led them to feel alone and unaccepted which closes them off from hearing the amazing story of God's love in their lives. Therefore, he strives to help these kids heal from their pains and belong to a community that cares for them so we can earn the opportunity to help them hear the gospel and believe in God's love. This is his life's dedication. He loves God, his wife Becca, his daughters Acadia & Wislande, and board sports... in that order.

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Megan Packard is the Rebalance Program Director and Personnel Manager for NCYFC. She has been with Northern Colorado Youth for Christ since 2016. Megan has her Master's Degree in Therapeutic Recreation from the University of Georgia and is a trained Trust-Based Relational Intervention Practitioner. Megan spends her free time with her husband, Josh, and son, Holden. They love to golf, ski and spend time hiking in the mountains.

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Ryan has been serving at NCYFC since 2013, following years of skating and a growing heart to help kids know there is more hope than what the world is offering them. He currently serves as the Director of The Refuge Indoor Skatepark. Jesus changed Ryan in the midst of his brokenness, while he was caught up in the bad sides of skate culture as a kid, so he wants to help kids experience that same rescue in Jesus that he did. Being here is one of the utmost examples of God working in and through Ryan's life for His better plans, falling close behind the incredible blessing of a beautiful wife and daughter.

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Zac is the Director of Juvenile Justice Ministries and was brought on to NCYFC staff full time in July of 2019. He is also one of the Rebalance coaches here on campus. Zac graduated from CU Denver with a major in Criminal Justice and a Minor in Sociology. He enjoys several sports, exorcise and fitness as well as just playing like a kid in the skatepark and loves some leisure time gaming on Xbox and PC. He's easy to get along with and can talk about almost anything… Good luck getting him to stop 😉

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Alec has been on the team at NCYFC since 2017. He works as a Rebalance Coach, a ministry coordinator in the Refuge, and shoots the photos & videos for our campus. He does small-group media classes with kids, with the hope that it will eventually transition into a Media-focused Rebalance course. Alec loves to snowboard and mountain bike, runs his own media business, and is studying video production at Aims Community College.

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Nate Cole is a husband and a father of 4. He has been part of the Greeley community for the vast majority of his life, and his wife runs a small business downtown. Nates role at NCYFC is specifically to look for opportunities to create partnerships with like minded organizations to better serve our local youth, and seek out grants to fund our work. Nate has a background in education from working at Platte Valley Youth Service Center, to his work at the University of Northern Colorado. He also currently works for an education tech company focused on finding ways to help students succeed in college.

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Trevor is the Director of Higher Grounds, a Rebalance Coach, and a coach for Skate League in the Refuge. He joined the team in September of 2021, after working for a Sk8 Church in Steamboat Springs for 4 years. In addition to making everyone laugh, Trevor loves to share his love of Jesus and his hobbies of skateboarding and music with everyone in Northern Colorado.

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Jonathan has been working with Northern Colorado Youth for Christ since December 2021. He works as a Rebalance Coach, for Higher Grounds, as well as a mentor in the Juvenile Justice Ministry. Jonathon grew up two blocks north of Higher Grounds, across the street from the Rodarte Center - so he is very familiar with this area and the struggles of living in an urban community. Before Jonathon found Jesus, he was involved in gangs and drug dealing. Since he has given his life to Jesus, he is a proud husband, father of three amazing kids, the Vice-President of The Board of Directors for Jobs Of Hope, a business owner of a clothing brand called Elevate Mindbodyspirit. He is also a youth leader at his church, a motivational speaker, but most importantly he is a willing vessel with a servant's heart. If you ever need to talk to somebody about how to go from one lifestyle to another, don’t hesitate to reach out to him.

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Marcy manages our donor base (and is the "mom" to many of us) at NCYFC. Jesus and teenagers are her passion, and she was a youth leader for 20 years - giving her a lot of insight into what teens are feeling and facing. She desires for all teens to know there is hope, forgiveness, safety, and love - and Jesus is the one to provide it all. It is a blessing and a privilege for her to surround herself with teenagers and be able to serve God at the same time, and she is thankful for the opportunities she has been given here.

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